Fine & Thinning Hair

Help for Thinning Hair

Follow this everyday step-by-step program to assist with fuller and thicker hair.

1: Shampoo with Kleen Miki Shampoo, a popular shampoo for men and women.

2: Apply Mint Miki Scalp Stimulating Conditioner to your scalp and massage it in and feel the tingle! Let it sit a moment then rinse. Mint Miki Conditioner is a best seller and can be used as your daily conditioner.It smells great too!

3: Gently massage small drops of Thiki Miki Scalp Stimulant* to problem areas. Let dry. To assist with fuller, thicker hair apply scalp stimulant once in the morning and once at night - you do not need to shampoo before use. Thiki Miki Scalp Stimulant can be used on dry hair. *please test Thiki Miki Scalp Stimulant on a small area of skin. Stimulants should tingle not irritate your skin. Skin will turn Pink. In case of adverse reaction rinse thoroughly.

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